Luigi Visconti, The World In full color.

« For me, my photography is about finding the angle that portrays not just the visuals of the city but it’s personality and spark »


Crossroad II – Ocean Drive Miami Beach

Luigi Visconti est un artiste italien de 45 ans, passionné depuis sa jeunesse par la photographie. Inspiré par les différentes métropoles de ce monde qu’il a découvertes au cours de sa vie en y travaillant, il s’est spécialisé sur les vues urbaines grand format. De New York à Miami, de Hong Kong à Dubaï, Visconti a, dans ses images, le talent de capturer le caractère inimitable d’une ville. À cet effet, il allie technologie numérique et analogique pour créer des moments à l’atmosphère unique qui fascinent le spectateur et ravivent sa nostalgie du voyage.

Avenida de Italia Narrow turreted town house with cubelike balconies, and sharply defined vertical and horizontal lines creations, on the corner between Av de Italia and Zanja – La Havana – CUBA


L’objectif déclaré de Visconti est de capturer l’essence d’une ville ; c’est à La Havane, en particulier, qu’il le démontre de façon magistrale.

Hotel Deauville


Luigi Visconti est un passionné de paysages urbains. Il capture les visages des villes comme un architecte dessinerait une maquette. Avec une extrême précision. Ses photos, prises à la chambre ou au numérique, sont souvent de grande ampleur, permettant au regard de se promener inlassablement. Luigi Visconti réalise ses premiers grands formats à Abu Dhabi. Il est inspiré par la diversité des styles architecturaux des tours en construction.



« I can stay hours mapping the space, grabbing instants, mentally visualizing the blinded picture, as if the chemical over the films required as long to fix the image as the image materialize in my mind. I use all kind of cameras for my works: both analogic and digital. Essentially I use a large format camera, and although I use digital camera on accasions, I still prefere to work with films. »

Riviera Hotel I


« My photographies are based in a unique artistic style : I compress time and space until I’m left with a single image, that in some cases can be as large as three meters. In so doing, I manufacture a work of fiction from the facts, with the result of having a construction of reality, a record of moments in time, with extraordinary sharp details. Compressing time and spaces takes time. »

Zayed Road (Cable Drums) Skyscrapers On Sheikh Zayed Road; Saeed Tower, Union Tower, Towers Rotana Hotel, Al Hawai Tower, Chelsea Tower, Sheikh Essa Tower – Dubai (UAE)


Skyscrapers (Yellow Bus) The Sheikh Zayed Road is home to most of Dubai’s skyscrapers, including the Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa. The highway also connects other new developments such as the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and Dubai Waterfront – Dubai (UAE)


Meat Packing District


The Angels of St Isaac View from the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral in Saint Petersburg. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg has had its bronze angel figures reinstalled on the rooftop after a five-year-long renovation. St. Isaac’s bronze angels are represented holding lamps. In the 19th century, those lamps would have been lit to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. By the 21st century, the sculpture’s pedestal decayed, its bronze armature rusted, and its bronze shell became shabby. The angels sat on the rooftop for 150 years without any major repairs. Five years ago, the sculptures have been taken down from their position, 35 meters above the ground to be renovate.


The Penthouse Astonishing view from the rooftop of a penthouse perched on top of a 30-storey building. Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Metlife Building, Bank of America Tower, everithing is there!!


Amusement Park I Picture taken on the boardwalk of Coney Island beach, a few miles away from Manhattan. The Wonder Wheel, Baloon Expedition and other attractions have thrilled children of all ages for years!


Irene at Times Square Picture taken at Times Square just before Hurricane Irene slammed into Manhattan the 27th of August.


Soho Usually crowded, this crossroad (Broome & Crosby) was empty that sunday. The tall, thin green copper rooftop buiding is beautiful. As if to deny the modernity of its steel-frame construction, it analogizes to a Corinthian column.


Galliano y Zanja Most of the Cuban’s cars in Havana date from before the revolution and have become almost as iconic as the image of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara.


Neptuno Rain


San Lazaro

Dans les Havana Promenades de Luigi Visconti, la capitale cubaine s’offre à nous, les rues certes désertes mais néanmoins vibrantes. Aussi le photographe se concentre-t-il sur les éléments marquants du paysage urbain. Les façades des maisons coloniales aux coloris pastel, les vieilles automobiles typiques donnent tout leur éclat aux photographies de Visconti. C’est dans une lumière chargée d’ambiance qu’il plonge la métropole au charme anachronique et au passé si riche. Visconti a le talent de mettre en valeur l’architecture à travers un jeu d’ombre et de lumière, en l’enveloppant de rayons de soleil chauds ou en la mettant en scène à l’avant-plan d’une tempête naissante, au choix.



Paseo del Prado




Malecon Pink Car


Zanja Farmacia China


La Guarida


La Guarida



Crossroad V – Pink Cadillac Elvis’ Pink Cadillac is probably one of the most iconic, style setting, sung about in popular culture. While no manufacturer of the time offered pink as a standard color, after the public attention to Elvis’ car many individual car owners in the 1950s began to paint their cars various shades of pink.


Paseo del Prado Paseo runs for a mile or so, from the Malecón, the seaside boulevard, to a little past the Capitol building. It starts out tranquil, with the sound of the waves crashing on the sea wall, and ends up with bounch of people resting, or looking for a taxi in the shadow of the Capitol dome.


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