Fashion Anne Sainte-Marie.

The American model Anne Sainte-Marie who was married to photographer Tom Palumbo who certainly gave birth to her most beautiful portraits, was one of the most prominent models of the 1950s and yet one of its most mysterious. At the same time elegant and distant as well as modern and fresh, Anne Sainte-Marie seemed one of the most confident fashion models of her times with that somehow foxy and amused air enhanced by her raised eyebrows and ironic smile. Despite the distance she seemed to install in her photographies, the model suffered from her career and suffered a mental breakdown when realizing at only 30 she was to be replaced by younger faces. In his film, Puzzle of a Downfall Child, in 1970, Jerry Schatzberg who was a fashion photographer before turning himself to directing and who had worked with Anne Sainte-Marie, paid a moving tribute to the tortured model incarnated by Faye Dunaway.